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Derick Oppong helps Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

find the build business credit to Build, Grow, and Scale their business!

Before Derick Oppong heard or understood where real estate and  business credit would take him..

Derick migrated from Ghana to the USA at the young age of 10. Life as an immigrant child in the early 90s was exciting and unconventional to say the least. 

while growing up in the Bronx,  Derick fell victim to gang culture due to the pressures of fitting in. He began to face challenges all too familiar with inner city youth

-Gang life 

-Prison life  

-Street life 

With familiar support, forced self reflection and determination  Derick was blessed to find a way out after many trials and tribulations. 

While trying to buy his first property, Derick learned the power of credit, having bad credit he was rejected for any credit  and a mortgage.

His struggles were doubled not only because of his gang background, also because he belonged to a community that historically had a hard time getting access to financial resources.

Black owned businesses only receiving 1% of funding making them more likely to fail, it seemed like the odds were stacked against him.

That’s when Derick realized that in order to succeed in this system, he would have to understand it, use it and master it.

Today, he not only understands how funding processes work, he is an expert.

His business credit cookbook give the complete steps any business to start building business credit

Derick is a multidimensional businessman that has taken all he has learnt throughout the phases of his life and turned it into a learning experience.

He now shares his expertise with others through his 6-business credit training module.

What makes Derick’s approach to entrepreneurship and generating business credit so effective is an intimate familiarity with being on the other side.

He knows the steps needed to climb the ladder to success; one that many can’t even see.

His business lessons are designed specifically to empower and enlighten those that are unfamiliar with the secrets of wealth building, business ownership and financial literacy.

Derick’s aim is to be the bridge that allows them access to tools that have always been out of reach.

He is committed to bringing his unique learnings and perspective to his mentees and provide them with leverage; a skill he learnt was the key to gaining success.

Derick is of the view that poor communities are hindered by a lack of funding.

Businesses without funding don't last. He is here to change that statistic.

Derick's life experiences  have helped to make him very relatable to people from all walks of life.

His own personal experiences have shown him that people just need an opportunities, with the knowledge on how to apply what they are being taught to create the life they want.

Whether they’re starting from scratch or trying to scale an already existing business model, Derick knows added funds can take a businesses to the next level.

Build a plan that will be attractive to potential investors and diverse sources of credit.

A burning desire to have a lasting life changing impact on people he meets led Derick back to his native Ghana.

Here his vision is to lay the groundwork for  creating a business hub which will not only have a significant impact in the lives of Ghanaians but the West African Diaspora at large.

The spark being lit in Derick has strengthened his resolve and commitment to share the value of wealth building, home and business ownership and financial literacy to those who historically have not had access to this critical information.

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